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HIV Outreach Network Urges People to Reach Out, Educate

HIV Outreach Network Urges People to Reach Out, Educate By Katie Kustura The Daytona Beach News-Journal One Daytona Beach man has never met his niece and nephew, and the reason might surprise you. Gary Richardson’s sister won’t allow him near her children because he is HIV positive. […]

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HIV ‘No Longer a Death Sentence’

HIV ‘No Longer a Death Sentence’ By Skyler Swisher The Daytona Beach News-Journal Richard Stokes received a death sentence 29 years ago. In 1983, he sat down with his doctor and learned he was HIV positive. The doctor gave him six months to live. ”At that time, […]

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World AIDS Day 2011

We were honored to have two of our speakers participate in World AIDS Day 2011. You can view their moving speeches below.

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29 Organizations Receive Support to Advocate for Sound HIV/AIDS Public Policy In 9 Southern States

AIDS United awards $1.4 million as part of the Southern REACH grantmaking initiative WASHINGTON, D.C. — March 15, 2012 — 29 community-based organizations in the Southern United States will have increased capacity to advocate for sound public policy that address the needs of those in the U.S. […]

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Local Man Continues Fight Against HIV/AIDS

Local Man Continues Fight Againts HIV/AIDS By Sidney Simmons Hometown News Jeff Allen, Chairperson of the Partnership for HIV/ AIDS Planning of Daytona Beach, is one of the many soldiers on the frontline in the battle against AIDS. Since 1995, Allen has been working behind the scenes […]

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