HIV AIDS Stigma and education

Jack Garcia Jr.

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Jack is a Latino male, with HIV, who understands the stigma and concern felt in the Latin community surrounding the subject of HIV/AIDS, being tested for it and talking about preventing it’s spread. Jack Garcia Jr. was born and raised in New Jersey. Over his lifetime he has also lived in Boston, MA, San Juan, PR, Guam, and Charleston, SC. Currently Jack now resides in Palm Coast, FL. Jack has an Associates of Language Arts degree and is fluent in Spanish. His leadership in the minority population has enabled us to pave in-roads into communities that are already marginalized and stigmatized in one way or another. In addition he serves as Director of the Minority Outreach of Positive Champions Speakers Bureau and Assistant Chair of PCHAP (Partnership for Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Planning). Jack continues his prevention efforts as the alternate for the Prevention Planning Group of Florida and is involved with the Minority AIDS Network. Jack is a participant in the 2013 Florida Faces of HIV/AIDS Mobil Campaign.  Jack is a member on the Carlos Alvarez Program Review Panel for the state DOH.  Jack is also one of the Co-Founders of the Florida Chapter of the Mr. Friendly Anti Stigma Campaign. Jack is actively in the community to make a difference and educate others.  He is a very vocal advocate for the Latino community as he is fully Bi-Lingual.  Jack is also the recipient of the Pantheon of Leather Florida Regional Award for his work in the community to fight the STIGMA against HIV locally in Florida.  Jack has also been involved in logistics and transportation for many years. He loves to travel, try new foods, tan and stay fit. His passion about bringing all communities together to combat stigma fits with the mission of The Positive Champions Speakers Bureau Inc. and we have partnered with Jack to enhance his and our efforts.