HIV AIDS Stigma and education

Brenda Flowers-Dalley

Brenda Flowers-Dalley spent several years traveling the world after leaving home to join the military at 17.  After her years seeing the world, she moved back home to Deland, Florida and was blessed with four children and became a part of the Department of Veteran Affairs team.  Her children are now young adults and Brenda is married.

Her passions include creating specialty soap and body products and the organization she founded, Rising Against All Odds.  Brenda has lived with HIV for more than 20 years.  Brenda is devoted and dedicated much of her time to advocating for the elimination of HIV.  She firmly believes the elimination of this pandemic disease can be conquered one person at a time, starting with each of us getting tested for HIV.

Brenda’s mission is:

  • To encourage and empower those living with HIV to live responsibly.
  • To have each person test and know their status
  • To support our youth in having positive, creative outlets which will build their self esteem for future endeavors
  • To be considerate of all humanity no matter their status, religious, race, color, creed or sexual orientation