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HIV Patient Care Services

HIV Patient Care Services

Not staying in care is the biggest barrier to better health for a person with HIV/AIDS. When an HIV-Positive person stays in care they get the services that they need. When HIV-Positives are retained in care they’re more likely to be medication adherent, have undetectable viral load, less opportunistic infections, and fewer HIV transmissions.

Being HIV-Positive we know that if we stay in care we improve our health and quality of life. We get all the benefits that research, medicine, and healthcare can offer. When we stay in care we feel better, we do more, we live longer, and we help ourselves, our families, and our communities. We stay in care by seeing our doctor on a regular basis, year-after-year-after-year.

Studies suggest that patients retained in care are more likely to have better health outcomes, including improved CD4 count, suppressed viral load, fewer hospital admissions/emergency room visits, and higher life.

However, there are many who can not afford the needed medication or care. The Volusia and Flagler county area has a number of services available for people who struggle with the financial burden of HIV/AIDS.

We have provided these resource pages to help you find the services you need.