HIV AIDS Stigma and education

Roles & Responsibilities of Speakers

Roles & Responsibilities of Speakers

The Positive Champions Speakers Bureau is a Volusia County/Daytona organization featuring local speakers who have been in some way affected by the disease and want to share their story.  The goal is through awareness and understanding to overcome the fear and stigma associated with HIV and AIDS. If you would like to become a member of the Positive Champions Speakers Bureau, please contact us.

Roles and responsibilities of speakers bureau members include:

1. Operations

  • Participate in all Positive Champions speakers bureau meetings in person or by telephone conference call.
  • In addition, actively participate in at least one local or statewide HIV/AIDS prevention or care planning group.
  • Share the Positive Champions speakers bureau information with your community and other Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).
  • Ensure that the Positive Champions speakers bureau is inclusive in its composition by recruitment in your community.
  • Provide input to the local planning body to ensure effective operations of the Positive Champions speakers bureau.

2. Implementation

  • Work with Partnership for Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Planning to ensure that information about all projects, programs and activities reflects  the Positive Champions speakers bureau mission and the changing needs of PLWHA.
  • Promote educational workshops to empower HIV/AIDS positive consumers living with a chronic disease.
  • Increase awareness of HIV/AIDS in the community to help remove the stigma.
  • Be open and accepting of your HIV status to further promote community understanding of HIV/AIDS.
  • Be willing and comfortable being in the public’s eye with disclosing your HIV status.

3. Needs Assessment and Community Input

  • Contribute to the Ryan White Patient Care needs assessment in your community.
  • Provide input regarding program implementation and assist in interpreting data submitted by consumers involved in programs.
  • Take part in local prevention planning efforts and interventions.

4. Public Relations/Outreach

  • Assist in publicizing the Positive Champions speakers bureau to the community, specifically serving HIV/AIDS care and prevention planning groups.
  • Contact HIV/AIDS service providers to request assistance in promoting the Positive Champions speakers bureau to their clients.
  • Conduct outreach presentations in your region/area.
  • Assist in identifying regional, county and local resources to support Positive Champions speakers bureau functions and activities.

5. Participation in Community Events

Positive Champions speakers bureau visibility contributes to the reduction of HIV-related stigma by putting a face to the epidemic and dispelling myths and misconceptions about HIV and those who are living with it. It is therefore important for the Positive Champions speakers bureau member to have visibility within the community that it represents. World AIDS Day, AIDS Walks, fundraising events, ethnic festivals, etc., represent opportunities for the speakers bureau to make its role and purpose known within the community. It also provides opportunities to recruit new members for the Positive Champions speakers bureau or to encourage others to learn their HIV status and get into care.

6. Code of Conduct

In order to promote and maintain civility and effectiveness of the speakers bureau, it is essential that not only the Roles and Responsibilities be fair and clear but that the members shall be held accountable to a fair and clear Code of Conduct.

Speakers Bureau members shall:

  • Demonstrate respect for fellow members during Positive Champions speakers bureau meetings
  • Respect the opinions of others, even if they disagree, and engage in open and productive discussions
  • Arrive on time for meetings and stay until the conclusion of meetings
  • Take on and complete their fair share of the Positive Champions speakers bureau work, as necessary
  • Conduct themselves in full accordance with established travel guidelines
  • Attend meetings fully prepared to participate in Positive Champions speakers bureau business
  • Display appropriate behaviors and actions as any inappropriate behaviors or actions may result in removal proceedings by fellow Positive Champions Speakers Bureau members