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About Us

About Us

The Positive Champions Speakers Bureau is a group of dedicated individuals just like you and me.  Their sole purpose is to heighten community awareness and increase compassion for people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Positive Champions give presentations to schools, health care professionals, businesses, civic organizations, detention facilities and many other groups looking to bring more understanding to HIV/AIDS and put an end to the fear and stigma that surrounds the disease. The Positive Champions presentations are designed to educate the community about HIV/AIDS and tailored to fit the specific needs of each audience.

The Positive Champions Speakers Bureau is empowering our speakers with the effective abilities to do HIV testing and counseling. We are providing prevention and linkage aspects of HIV care. By providing HIV insight to the newly diagnosed and those currently living with HIV, our services offer hands on experience and knowledge of how to effectively disseminate all aspects of adherence, compliance with primary care and how to protect your partners while doing so. While working with the community at large, our current knowledge of the challenges that come with working with populations most at risk for contracting the disease make us a very effective intervention for prevention. The Positive Champions Speakers Bureau Inc. is dedicated to providing compassionate, professional and confidential services such as PEER Navigation to people in Volusia and Flagler Counties in an effort to respond to HIV and AIDS.  Peer Navigators are defined as HIV-positive, medication-adherent role models living with a shared experience and a shared community membership as the populations with which they work. Peers are trained, often paid, professional staff members rather than volunteers. Their work includes case finding and community outreach; routine appointment reminder phone calls; accompaniment to appointments; transportation assistance; referrals and associated follow-up; and adherence education and support.

If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) or know someone who has, the need for support and compassion couldn’t be greater.  Too often HIV-positive people become targets of AIDS discrimination. On top of handling new health challenges, they sometimes face rejection by family and friends. They may be forced out of homes, lose their jobs or even become victims of violence.  Enlist a Positive Champion to speak at your next event and help put an end to discrimination, stigma and fear.

So often in today’s society when we speak about HIV, we speak in terms of statistics and forget the faces that make up the epidemic. Having someone share their story engages the audience and teaches us that behind the millions of people living with the disease worldwide, every individual offers a unique story that defies stereotypes, transcends categorization, and reminds us that we are all human.  Positive Champion speakers provide their personal stories about living with HIV and provide answers on the disease. While many of our speakers are women and men living with HIV, some are allies of positive women and men. All of our speakers share unique and personal stories of how HIV impacts them, their families and their communities.